Monday, May 13, 2013


So we finally moved. It seems like we have been in moving mode since December, that is because we have. Now we have most of our stuff under one roof a few things in Utah, but other wise everything is in one spot. I think it has been almost 10 years since that has happened. My family came over and helped paint A.'s bedroom and did yard work for mother's day. Someday we will be all caught up. Maybe someday we will have a home and remember where we have put everything. Maybe not. Until then if you don't want to see boxes then go outside or just stay in the front room. Otherwise it looks a storm hit.

A. finally started school. The secretary wouldn't let him start until today and now they have a new secretary. So he is in for a few weeks, mainly to meet new friends. C. and I have some errands to run such as getting t.p. we are down to a 1/4 roll, having people over used up what we had, guess we need to go to costco, oh well I needed to go anyway and return roundup and get some photos we had printed. So off to the sample store.

I need to touch up some of the paint in A.'s room and paint the bottom of the room. Then purchase a mattress. Then on to c's room. One step at a time. I am shooting to have everything put up by August and done. We shall see if that really happens. I would rather be outside doing something fun.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pacer's Finale

A. is finished with Pacer's. If I remember correctly out of the entire school only 64 students out of about 350 give or take a few qualified to go to the party which will be at the CRAZE.  A.'s class ran the most miles out of any other class, combined (17 students) they ran 1,100 miles. Yes, first graders running on Tuesday and Thursday. If that is not motivating to try running. It think only 2 kids ran over 100 miles, a friend and A. A. ran a total of 105 miles. Towards the end of the last two months he wanted to play soccer and not run as much sometimes only a few laps or a mile. I am proud of his accomplishment and mine for staying here longer so he could complete his goal. He knew he would pass 50 and thought he could get 100 and he did.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Pacers is a program A.'s school does to promote healthy kids. Every Tuesday and Thursday the his have the choice to run laps during lunch recess. They record their lap and by punching a piece of paper and then the kids take the paper to their classroom where the teacher records the laps. Then on Thursday the parent volunteers collect the papers, the same ones that did the punching of paper, and in the cafeteria they have shoes the students have colored with their names on them. They are lameniated. Then they move the shoes to the new mile standings the kids have reached.

The goal is to reach 50 miles by May I think 2nd week of 2013.
A. has 93 miles. Winter slowed him down. when they reach 5, 10, 20,25,50 and so on the get a plastic charm that goes on the bracelet they gave them. He attached his to his backpack. I have kept him home 3 Tuesdays when he was sick so he is under 100, he has a friend that is over 100. I remind him that I kept him home because I knew he would run while being sick and I didn't want him to get worse. He is very fast. Both he and his brother like to race people when we go to the BYU-I indoor track. Maybe this fall he can do a 5K with his dad. I think I will pass. Another time. Or he can do the turkey trot.

Snow Again

Yes, I do realize where I live gets late snow storms, later than I like. But I was hoping we would have nice weather since today is the spring equonox. Really, we must have not gotten that memo because it is snowing! I told C. to look out the window and tell me if it was raining, "Nope" Really, then why are the sidewalks and road wet? "It's snowing" I asked if he was sure, "Yes mom do you think I am blind" Nope but I really didn't want it to snow.

I had planned on transplanting the tulips that are coming up into a planter, why because I don't plan on living here forever, and I am going to take them with me. I guess the cold weather would be perfect but I don't want to freeze today. Another day.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Field Trip C.'s Preschool

C. goes to the BYU-I preschool. He attends the afternoon session from 120-340pm MWF. Today was the big day a field trip that was using the bus. He was so excited to ride the bus. He wanted me to go so I meet him there after I got a parking permit. I thought it was somewhere else but turned around. It was in the ag. bldg. While waiting to figure out where we were to go they asked the kids what the smell was, an adult superior said tractor gas, wrong buddy, hydraulic oil. They loved riding the tractors the had two John Deere and 7000 series and a small one you see in the nurseries. They also got to look at a backhoe, engine and other tractors. I later picked C. up and he wanted me to read his paper that says what they would be working on next week. The sheet said in a shortened version body movement, using muscles to help you move, wed close to the first and friday would be activities you do with balls. C. says while grabbing his crouch these balls, no soccer ball you kick, basket ball you bounce. Glad we cleared this up today instead of when he is in class. He kept laughing they want to know what I do with my balls, not those sports balls.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Sometimes life is frustrating. This weekend it snowed and blew so hard we have found foot snow drifts. It is cold. My kids are ready for it to warm up and become spring. I know that won't happen for a while living in Eastern Idaho, but one can wish. I ran some errands today and the lady at the bank actually asked if I needed succors, first time and my son was thrilled. He wanted two one for him and one for his brother. This was at 10:30 am and he still has yet to eat the succor, he is waiting until he can eat it with his brother.

Getting ready for a trip back eat to River Falls, WI. For a few days it should be fun I have never been there before.

Hunting for a house in this limited market is an adventure. If I could see what the future holds it would make things easier to know what will be coming on the market and etc. However, until I get those powers at least I have the internet to help me search from across the state. :) The boys are excited because they have a wish list for a house it needs to have or be able to get a dog, trampoline, four wheeler, sand box, room for each of them since they can't get along anymore.

They have funny requests. Oh and they want two bathrooms or more so they don't have to wait in line anymore.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carving Pumpkins 2012

So we carved pumpkins after Halloween. And the did not get smashed. The boys did not care to get the  pumpkins guts out, but I told them you wanted the pumpkins so you will help.
They enjoyed glittering pumpkins more than carving.